Content marketing is more powerful than ever and is something you should use to capture your audience’s attention. When you share blogs and content within your social media posts, you can connect better with your followers and provide them with user-friendly information. However, the big question is – are you using visual content marketing to ensure your brand stands out online? What do I mean by visual content? I’m talking about videos, GIFs, memes, photos, infographics and all things visual.

Visual marketing has become a crucial element of most businesses’ marketing strategy and success. Given the number of people using social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it’s actually surprising that a number of brands haven’t taken the true power of visual marketing seriously.

If you aren’t already on the bandwagon, you can be certain that your competition is. Visual content not only boosts awareness and drives traffic to your service or product, but it’s also an excellent way to tell your brand story.

Visuals are vital to online successImage source: Infographicspedia

Now you know visual marketing is something you absolutely must be paying attention to, you need to create content that appeals to your readers. I’ve shared 10 examples of some of the best brands you’ll want to follow right now for visual content marketing inspiration.

1. Buzzfeed: Tasty

Firstly, Buzzfeed is a global network for news and entertainment, and not so much a brand. However, Buzzfeed’s Facebook cooking channel, Tasty has earned over 69 million followers by sharing short videos on making delicious food. For example, take their 45-second guide to making a cheese-stuffed pizza pretzel. That video alone achieved over 30 million views, 650,000 likes and 750,000 shares in just 24 hours.

Buzzfeed Tasty - Cheese-Stuffed Pizza PretzelsImage source: Facebook

The team at Buzzfeed can only be described as geniuses for creating such brilliant video content marketing on a subject we all love.

2. GoPro

By combining adventure with their own gadgets, GoPro does an excellent job of sharing photos and videos on social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube while demonstrating the capabilities of their products. Whether it be speeding down a mountain on skis or surfing the wildest seas, GoPro’s followers are hooked on their visual content marketing.

Go Pro InstagramImage source: Instagram

The brand also partners with over 130 professional athletes to create action shots and clips. Thanks to their remarkable online presence, they never have to push for product sales.

3. Starbucks

With more than 11 million followers on Twitter, it’s clear that Starbucks has a pretty good grasp on the right way to use social media. Followers like interacting with their favourite brands online and this mighty coffee brand certainly understand the importance of audience engagement. They also never forget to include hashtags with every tweet to ensure they reach a larger audience.

Starbucks TwitterImage source: Twitter

From witty headlines and photos to quirky videos and the occasional GIF, you could learn a great deal from Starbucks’ video content marketing strategy on Twitter.

4. Whole Foods

Pinterest is excellent for giving audiences the opportunity to learn more about your brand and what you are passionate about. One brand that knows how to give their followers a real glimpse of their own world is Whole Foods. Their posts feature healthy recipes and food-focused content, alongside creative boards that represent the voice of their brand.

Whole Foods - Pinterest
Image source: Pinterest

As part of their commitment to promoting healthy living, Whole Foods also use visual content marketing very cleverly by sharing gardening tips, fitness information, lifestyle inspiration and more.

5. Lego

By sharing videos of their products being used and played with, as well as cartoons relating to what they sell, Lego has definitely mastered the art of video content marketing via YouTube. Lego tries to appeal to a global audience and often shares each of their videos in a different language. Most of their short clips get around 7,000 views during their first week online.

Lego YouTubeImage source: YouTube

Simple videos of products being used as soon as they are produced or assembled are popular with both parents and children alike. This type of marketing is all about making the product the star.

6. Volkswagen

Volkswagen has an impressive presence on Facebook and the ability to get their followers interacting with one another. They believe that all people have a story to tell, especially about their personal Volkswagen experiences. With visual stories across their page about the Volkswagen vehicles, history and customers, they do their utmost to make each post powerful.

Volkswagen FacebookImage source: Facebook

As well as highlighting important company milestones and getting their followers talking, liking and sharing, Volkswagen isn’t afraid to add humour into some of their Facebook statuses.

7. Grammarly

Not only does Grammarly claim to be the world’s most accurate online grammar checker, but they enjoy having fun with words and animation using memes. The people behind the scenes at Grammarly have been pleasing their audience with visual content marketing for years, and typically humorous images that are easy for followers to share with friends.

Grammarly FacebookImage source: Facebook

Take a look at the Grammarly Pinterest page and you’ll soon realise that effective visual content doesn’t have to involve high-quality design.

8. Samsung

A couple of years ago, Twitter broke the news that they supported animated GIFs, which led many brands to post all kinds of weird and wonderful GIFs and Vines of their own. However, they’re not appropriate for everyone. They are only effective when done well and directed to the right audience, and Samsung is a brand we could all learn a thing or two from about producing great GIFs.

Samsung TwitterImage source: Twitter

If you have a new feature or product release, creating a GIF or Vine of demonstrations or just product shots will leave your audience wanting to know more.

9. Bud Light

 From native videos to eye-catching graphics, Bud Light has a vibrant Facebook page full of visual content marketing. Their Facebook community is also very active, and the team behind Bud Light aren’t afraid to invite their followers to submit photos and join in on the fun and conversation.

Bud Light FacebookImage source: Facebook

When you have a passionate audience and an excellent understanding of how to tell your story in a visual way, you can reap the rewards from great community spirit.


Everyone loves going on vacation, but it’s always nice to know a little more about a new city before you set off on your travels. provide travellers with their expertise and valuable insights into the hotel and travel industry through infographics. InfographicImage source:

Infographics have grown in popularity over the past few years, and more and more brands are seeing their value. Not only do Hotel.coms’ visual creations serve as a helpful resource, but they also save their readers from doing some research.

Feel inspired?

I hope so – but don’t forget to take a look at other brands for inspiring visual content marketing. You have an opportunity to make your visual mark on the world that tells your unique message and story. Just because your competition may have already been sharing visuals for some time, it doesn’t mean that they are doing the job well. One-size doesn’t fit all. If you learn the language of your audience and each visual social network, your brand can reach out to the masses.

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